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ESD-compliant PCB-Magazines

ESD-compliant PCB-Magazines
ESD-compliant PCB-Magazines

Back-up the precision of your production with PCB-Magazines of MIKI-PLASTIK.

Our PCB-Magazines guarantee high levels of stability and dimensional accuracy, dependably parallel side walls and simple, reliable adjustment.

They can be modified to suit all existing magazines and input and output stations because the complete magazine manufacturing will be done up to 100% in-house.

Our PCB-Magazines are designed according to your requirements – nothing is impossible

You can choose between different PCB temperature resistances:
55°C, 80°C and 120°C.

Our magazines are stackable and / or suitable for rotary operation. On demand we equip the magazines with transport locking devices. They can be locked and unlocked either manually or automatically.

The width of our side walls is adjustable up to max. 500mm. Depending on the type, the adjustment can be conventionally or synchronized, by using a standard Allen key with wrench size 4. Both variants are compatible with each other.

Time is money, so we will deliver the magazines fully assembled and ready for use to your requested place.

From the following standard sizes, you can assemble your magazine request in a modular system:
» Standard sizes (PDF)

Or print the following form and send it with the magazine dimensions you need:
» Form (PDF)